What is the Point of Sale Software and how POS Offer a Retail Business in Dubai?


POS software as it often called in business is software used by retail businesses in Dubai to operate computers and devices such as printers and scanners like a cash register. Point of Sale software Dubai gives the computer and the items connected to it - receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, customer display - facilities like you expect from a cash register.

Good POS software does all the work and hides all the technology from the retail employee, making the processing of sales easy, fast and accurate. POS System is called Point of Sale because it operates at the point of sale, the sales counter, in a retail software business. The terms Point of Sale and POS are generic; they do not refer to any particular software company or any particular brand of software in Dubai. Point of Sale software Dubai comes in varying sizes and shapes for many different hardware and software business models and with many different price points. Most Point of Sale software packages usually offer the following facilities at the sales counter:

  • Scanning hardware & Software items as they are sold.
  • Selling items by pressing a touch screen button for the item.
  • Selling items by entering a text code (a PLU code) for an item.
  • Search a stock file in the computer for an item.
  • Applying discounts for catalog and sale items.
  • Totaling the POS systems on the screen.
  • Processing payment by cash, credit card or other payment method.
  • Printing an itemized receipt which meets regulations. In Australian, for example, the receipts meet local tax reporting requirements.
  • Printing totals for the end of the shift - with the same sort of detail (and often more) than you see on a cash register.

In addition to these software detailing facilities which are cash-register. Point of sale software Dubai offers other many other facilities which you do not see on a cash register like customer loyalty facilities, security queries process, answering customer queries, handling refunds, tracking sales by customer, business marketing, connecting retailers to suppliers electronically, reporting on exactly what is selling. and plenty more.

When considering POS software, it is important to look at the software carefully to ensure that it meets your business needs. Make sure that you understand what you want - from the POS Systems counter to the backend room in Dubai. Given the considerable difference in Point of Sale software, it is important to take time to ensure that the software you choose is a genuine software solution.

As the experts say with any major purchase, let the buyer be beware. Point of Sale software Dubai is nothing to fear. Indeed, good POS software can transform a Dubai business and lives those working on it. There are some pitfalls which can be avoided if you do your homework very well.