How to Outgrown Your Retail Point-Of-Sale System in Dubai?


While upgrading your POS software for retail Dubai means fewer headaches and more simplification of time-consuming tasks, for better customer experience and a more productive team. There are four signs which outgrown your retail POS system.

1. It Has Outdated Hardware and Software Features

While you had the POS system average setup which is going to be outdated when you opened your store was cutting edge at the time. Maybe the way you’ve been tracking point of sale retail Dubai was in cutting edge, but now our system is lagging behind.

If your system doesn’t have these basic features, it’s time for an upgrading feature:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Employee management features
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Stored customer data and purchase history

2. Inventory Management Is a Nightmare

In retail POS System, tracking inventory can take away from your cash flow as the products, while not enough inventories can hurt your sales revenue. Our good POS software systems should keep track of that so you have the information at a glance, and should include these inventory management features:

  • Alerts when you need to reorder and flags on inventory that’s not moving
  • Options to organize products by department, categories, and vendors
  • Functionality to track markdowns and shrinkage

3. Reporting Is Insufficient

Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are to making sure that your business remains healthy and robust. Your POS software for retail Dubai reports should contain all the critical data you need to make informed to business decisions about what is and isn’t working with your retail store. Some key data your POS should offer includes:

  • Sales by employee, product, department, and location
  • Sales by credit card, debit card, gift card, and a coupon card
  • Real-time inventory tracking shift reports

Every system will have a set of insufficient reports you can run but be sure to select one that has the ability to tailor your reports for your specific needs.

4. Lack of Customer Support

No matter when you purchased your retail POS system, you should still be able to reach out to the company any time you have an issue. If a POS company is only available for support via phone or email during the standard timeframe you could lose thousands of money in sales. That’s why every POS system should have:

  • Live online chat for those questions which doesn’t require a complex explanation.
  • Email support that provides prompt replies.
  • Self-helping options on the website with different articles, set-up guides video tutorials, training, and tips and tricks.

It’s probably time to consider an upgrade to your Point of sale retail Dubai system upgrading our team with a more streamlined approach, and your business brings up to the next level.