Different Things which is used to eliminate from Your Restaurants software Dubai


While talking about POS Restaurant software there are mainly various things which are used to eliminate from this type of POS software:

  • Staff inefficiency - While it is not impossible for you to constant monitoring of your staff members, especially behind the floor, it will be unpleasant to take up too much of your valuable time. An up to date Restaurant software system will track all staff activity with unique logins systems. Staff usually becomes more conscious of their work style and time management if they know their performance is being measured and rewarded accordingly to the software.
  • Missed/Error in orders - Your POS software system should make sure no order is sent to the printer until a table tab number has been assigned to it which allowing staff to deliver the orders accurately. If a printer runs out of paper or malfunctions, the order should automatically be re-directed to the nearest printer to avoid a backlog of orders.
  • No split bills - Convenient payment is a critical part of a positive dining experience in Restaurant software Dubai. With a good POS system, you can let your diners by choosing split bills, separate payments or charges to their room, with the click of a single button to make a Query through software. Adding a wireless terminal and your customers need not even leave their table to pay their bills with secure online payment gateways.
  • Unauthorized discounts - Bring your Online marketing efforts in-house with restaurant software featuring an inbuilt POS Loyalty & Marketing module. This issues and redemption of vouchers and/or discounts are triggered by pre-fetch system data, leaving no room for human error, ensuring that each transaction is accounted for.
  • Lack of communication - Choose a right software system that gives you the ability to send messages to POS terminals, paging devices, email addresses and mobile phones which let you contact with staff to check their availability or as a reminder for a specific task and receive a response via Restaurant software Dubai terminal.
  • Slow service - Handheld POS software is a perfect extension to your Point of Sale system. Orders are wirelessly transmitted to the Restaurant software printers by eliminating doubling of dockets and ensuring a smooth and timely table service.
  • Uninformed customers - Are you aware of your specials and upcoming promotions? A restaurant Pos Software system is an ideal tool to better promote, inform, educate and entertain your patrons while displaying not just promos and live TV, you can also showcase your menus, the items on which can be updated at your POS system.